Build and have fun!

TeTDROP is a physics based mix of tetris and jenga style game with arcade approach where your goal is to build construction as high as possible.
Everything in TeTDROP is based on physics which makes gameplay both challenging and entertaining.
There is no limit in your creativity when it comes to building.
TetDROP is a perfect way to relax and enjoy your free time while your creativity can produce amazing towers, piles of bricks or any other constructions.

How to play?
- Move your brick with virtual onscreen joystick (visible when you touch lower part of the screen)
- Rotate brick to desired position
- Click "Drop It" and watch how physics gets in action

You can change view with camera icon (top right corner of the screen).There are 5 different camera positions. Restart game from the options menu (top left corner)

TeTDROP download links:

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